Friday, January 14, 2011

High Frequency Trading Conferences

I've been kindly asked to speak at two conferences this year: The first is HIFREQ 2011 on February the 24th. I'm on the panel with Prof Dave Cliff talking about next generation tech for HFT.

I'm also speaking at The High Frequency Trading World Conference in Amsterdam on the 7-9th June 2011.

Things I'll be talking about:

  • The latest technology for market data acquisition and parsing, both in hardware and techniques using parallelised software.
  • The role of FPGA, DSP and Memristors
  • The future of XML
  • Shared and reflective memory for market fusion
  • CPU instructions for vectorisation and IO parallelism
  • CPU analysis tools
  • Kernel techniques for high performance
  • Global layer 2 networks and VPLS
  • Multicast routing in software
  • Differential trading
  • High precision global time
  • The importance of platform analytics
Very grateful for both opportunities as I don't get out much :-)