Friday, December 07, 2007

Fork/Join - The End of the Road for FPGA/GPU/ASIC Gang?

Steve W sent this article from IBM - Java Theory and Practise: Stick a fork in it

"One of the additions to the java.util.concurrent packages coming in Java™ 7 is a framework for fork-join style parallel decomposition. The fork-join abstraction provides a natural mechanism for decomposing many algorithms to effectively exploit hardware parallelism."

Steve says "Looks like java 7 will have built-in support for the Fork/Join pattern (i.e. similar to what Erlang has and what the Squeak guys have been talking about)"

Is this the end for the short-lived FPGA/GPU bandwagon? It could well be - with massively multi-core chips round the corner, they are considerably more attractive an option with their on core FPU and low-latency cache etc. Solves a whole lot of issues around buying and supporting esoteric hardware it would seem.

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