Thursday, November 08, 2007

LSE Goes Boom!

"No other exchange is undertaking such an ambitious technology refresh programme based on next-generation Microsoft technology. We have always provided a first-class service, but now we can claim to be the fastest in the world as well."
- David Lester, CIO, London Stock Exchange

Now I wonder why no other exchange uses Microsoft technology for high performance messaging then...

The LSE was a big coup for Microsoft - one of the worlds leading exchanges which, until the Infolect platform based on .Net technology came along, had no outages since 1987. Even more embarassing are the anti-linux rhetoric contained in the "Get The Facts" campaign quoting the above David Lester quote - a nice analysis of which you can find here from Paul Murphy. He concludes that the so called high performance message delivery is the same as a "
relatively slow LAN".

This won't be the last time this occurs - in my operational experience, solutions based on .Net exhibited mysterious freezes which were never solved.

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