Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Beer in the Evening - Data Parallelisation and Functional Languages in Finance - September 25th 2007

It's been suggested that we get together again for another beer in the evening by John Barr who has recently joined the 451 Group from Intel. John wrote an article called
"Reinventing the future: parallelism and acceleration" which tracked the recent rise in accelerated computing and is a comprehensive review of the area.

I'll put up some reading material in due course. Watch this space.

So if you're up for a beer and a casual chat about HPC, HFF, low latency, parallelism, messaging vs events etc we'll be meeting in the Red Lion, 8 Lombard Court, London from 630pm onwards on the 25th September.

You can call me or email on 0791 505 5380 or rgb at if you have any questions.

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