Friday, July 20, 2007

A Design Pattern Template for High Performance Messaging

This is a work in progress. High performance messaging is hard. There are many parameters which can be configured (or misconfigured) so I'm working on a series of pattern templates. Work in progress...

Pattern Name

{ Source: Single.All Topics, Receiver: Multiple.All Topics }


Related Patterns

{ Source: Per Topic, Receiver: Per Topic }


Topic Methodology

Source per topic
{ Single.Source , Receiver.All Topics }

Group Rate Control Policy

Extreme 1 { Sender.Rate.Slowest Receiver, Reciever:at leisure)
Extreme 2 { Sender: Fast As Possible, Receiver: Try to keep up)
Middle Ground (Send.Minimum Data Loss, Receiver.Minimise Latency)

Transport Protocol



Operating Environment

Related Patterns

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