Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Time for some Code - Shell Script Collection

I started programming in 1986 and largely owe my scripting expertise to Chris Bertin, who I believe works for HP. I found a script of his on a XePIX Gator-L on which I learned to program in C and Shell and it greatly inspired me due to it's technical content and beauty. So here's a collection of scripts which I've written over the years - you can find them on the Enhyper subversion server

There's some useful scripts - the biggest and most sophisticated is envbuild which automated a three day piece of work down to minutes. It automated the building of a sophisticated database schema and the underlying disk placement. There's some neat techniques in there - one where
bc(1) is used to perform an iterative calculation of Informix data spaces.


Steve said...

Hey, just looked at "iman". I like it! If I had thought to do something like this, more of my tools would have man pages. ;-)

Dumb stylistic questions: I noticed a few instances of "/bin/grep" - any reason for the "/bin"?

Graeme Burnett said...

Thanks Steve - to be honest I have no real idea. The only rationale I can think of would have been a rogue version of grep somewhere in my PATH and this was an attempt to call the right one. Cheers G