Monday, June 25, 2007

Ajowan ke paratha

Time for more geek food. Parathas are very much under appreciated in Asian cuisine that's presented to the restaurant going public - you'd be hard pressed to get a fresh paratha anywhere I've eaten.

This recipe comes from an book I picked up at a jumble sale:

Lot 1

8oz wholewheat flour
2 tsp Ajowan seeds
3/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp chilli powder
7 fl oz water

Lot 2

3 tbsp melted ghee


  • Mix lot 1 in a bowl to a dough, kneading well. Leave for 15 mins for the dough to rest.
  • Divide into 8 - 10 lumps
  • On a floured surface, roll out each ball into an oblong, 3 inches by 6-8 inches
  • Paint top surface with some of Lot 2
  • Fold one third of the length into the middle, fold the other third onto this
  • Repeat loop three times
  • Roll out to desired size (3-4 x 6-8 inches ideally)
  • Cook in a dry frying pan until surface bubbles and turns slightly opaque ( no ghee)
  • Paint surface with some of Lot 2
  • turn over and cook for a minute or so and repeat on other side
Eat with any curry or dall.

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