Thursday, May 31, 2007

OR49 Keynote Speech in the Knowledge Management Stream

I'm giving the keynote in the KM stream at this year's Operational Research Society Conference OR49 based on a stream of research which started about 8 years ago after reading a paper on newsgroup cluster analysis called telltale. Here's the abstract:

    "It is proposed to summarise and statistically categorise multiple public and private information feeds to produce centroids directed by a combination of user constructed keywords and analysis of previously archived or disseminated knowledge. Social and physical networks will be extracted for temporal analysis and association projection. Comprehensive analysis of centroid relationships across sectors, categories and physical location will give a statistical event prediction capability and lead to the discovery of hidden relationships and associated events. End-users will construct a hierarchical keyword tree which will contain individual articles, summarisations, centroids or sets of related centroids. Users will also participate in a community of interest which they may form inter or intra-federation in order to disseminate emerging events or explicit knowledge. The system has applicability to financial market analysis, law enforcement and intelligence analysis."

This paper is the crystalisation of several themes and our experience into a system which we hope to build into an operational system. Many of the components already exist and over a series of articles I'll be discussing the philosophy behind the system. I'm joined on the enhyper blog by two experts in data visualisation whom you'll meet in due course. One is Dr Elie Naulleau from Semiophore. We'll propose how we can use the system for expert trading, algo trading and on the flip side, intelligence analysis.

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