Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Functional Programming Beer In The Evening Event Redux

Following our last meet up last week to speak about Functional Programming in the Finance. I'm setting up another beer around Smithfield in London, 14th June 2007, with Dominic Steinitz who has made considerable contribution Functional Programming via his Haskell crypto library and paper on Trends in Functional Programming. We'll be talking about Haskell in particular but also about Erlang and its use in service based analytics.

Following our last meet, Someone sent me a link to a pdf entitled Caml Trader: Adventures of a Functional Programmer on Wall Street by Yaron Minsky of Jane Street Capital which confirms the rise of FP in finance. Worth a read.

So if you fancy joining us, we'll be in the Long Lane Pub in Long Lane near Smithfield from 6pm onwards. Drop me a note (rgb at or call my mobile +44 791 505 5 three eight zero.

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